EMV Chip Cards

We're chipping away at fraud - one card at a time!

All RCB Bank debit cards have EMV chips for enhanced security and greater fraud protection.


Customers will begin to receive their new RCB Bank debit cards with enhanced EMV chip card security before March 29, 2019.

How does it work?

Security: Every time you make a purchase at a chip-activated terminal, a unique code is generated. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used.

How to checkout at the store: Simply insert your card into the reader instead of swiping, and leave your card in the terminal while your transaction is being processed. You’ll still be able to swipe to pay at merchants that are not yet chip-enabled. All RCB Bank EMV chip cards also include a magnetic stripe.

RCB Bank personal debit card
RCB Bank business debit card
Backside of debit card

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does my EMV chip card protect my information?

Every time you use your card at a chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used.

Where can I use my EMV chip card?

Everywhere. Your EMV chip card also has a magnetic stripe on the back, so even at retailers who have not yet upgraded to EMV chip-enabled readers, your card will be accepted.

How do I pay at a chip-enabled terminal?

Insert the chip end of your card into the terminal with the chip facing up. Leave your card in the terminal and follow the prompts on screen. Remove your card from the terminal when prompted, then sign for your purchase and take your receipt.

Can I still swipe my card to pay?

Yes. If a merchant is not yet chip-enabled, you can still swipe your card.

Will EMV chip cards allow others to track my location?

No. Chip card technology is not a locator system. The chip on your card is limited to supporting authentication of card data when you make a purchase.

Will my chip debit card still work at an ATM?

Yes. You can continue to use your card as you do today.

Is an EMV chip card the same as contactless payment (PayPass, PayWave, etc.)?

No. Instead of waving or tapping your card in front of a device as you do with contactless payments, a chip card must be inserted face up into a chip-enabled merchant terminal. Remember to leave your card inserted into the terminal while the transaction is processed.

Are there any additional fees associated with chip debit cards?

No. There is no additional cost to have or to use your new debit card with EMV chip technology.

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