Text Banking

Your budget's new BFF.

Access your account with simple text command prompts to 226563 (BANKME).

Always know what’s happening with your money. Check your balance, transfer money and more!

On December 5, we are upgrading our Online and Mobile Banking system. The Text Banking command prompts are changing as is the Text Banking phone number. The new phone number will be 226563 (BANKME) on December 5.

The new Text Banking prompts on December 5 will be:

  • BAL – to receive a list of account balances
  • HIST <account nickname> – to receive account history
  • XFER <account nickname 1> <acct nickname 2> <amount> – to transfer money from one of your RCB Bank accounts to another of your RCB Bank accounts
  • HELP – to receive website and phone number to get help with Text Banking
  • LIST – to receive a list of all available text commands (listed above)

Fees 16

There are no bank fees for Text Banking

Standard carrier fees for data and text messaging may apply.

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