Verify Fraud Alerts

Verify Fraud Alerts

RCB Bank debit card holders will automatically receive fraud alerts concerning suspicious activity on their debit card.

Fraud alerts will soon be sent to customers that have an RCB Bank debit card for suspicious transactions.

To best protect your account, ensure your contact information on file is current and accurate by visiting a location near you or calling 855.226.5722.

For more fraud protection options, take a look at our new Debit Card Management tool in Online Banking and the Mobile Banking app.

Did you know that Tap to Pay can be another layer of protection to prevent fraud?

Tap to Pay Debit Cards

Did you know that if you utilize Apple Pay®14, Samsung Pay15 or Tap to Pay1 with your RCB Bank debit card, you have a higher chance of preventing fraud? See below for more tips and tricks on how to prevent fraud.

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How It Works & What You Need to Do:

Alerts will be sent to you via text alerts, email alerts and/or call you.

Verify Fraud Alerts – Bank-Defined Alerts:

  • Suspicious transaction(s)
  • Insufficient funds for debit card transaction(s)
  • Transaction amount over debit card limit
  • Card alert (expiring card, temporarily deactivated card, compromised card, warm card etc.)

Some transactions may automatically decline based on suspicious activity and may require your approval to process.

  1. You will receive a fraud alert like shown below (text or phone call) requesting your approval of the transaction.

2. If the alert asks for your approval and the transaction was you, you must approve it to continue your purchase.

3. Wait for confirmation, then re-run your transaction (insert, tap to pay or click purchase online) if you approved it in step 2.

2. If the alert asks for your approval and the transaction was NOT you, reply “No.” Your debit card will then be disabled.

3. Please call us at 855-226-5722.

4. For additional security, your card may be blocked from further use until we are able to confirm the transaction with you.

Some transactions may automatically decline based on suspicious activity and will not ask for your approval. Please contact us at 855-226-5722 for additional assistance.

You may opt out of text alerts at any time by replying STOP to any text alert. You may also contact us at 855-226-5722 to opt out.

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