ATM on a wall

By Jamie Andrews, SVP, Senior Operations Officer, RCB Bank

In a recent trend, fraudsters are focusing their attention on ATM terminals. Be aware.

Fraudsters are able to compromise a merchant’s payment system or ATM by use of malware or by attaching a physical device, such as a skimmer, which reads the data in the magnetic stripe and can be used to produce a fake card.

Fraudsters may also use mini cameras to capture PIN numbers used on transactions at ATM terminals. Then, they go on shopping sprees and/or withdraw funds from the bank account attached to those cards.

What is a skimmer?

A device made to fit snugly and invisibly over or inside an ATM card slot or merchant terminal.

How does RCB Bank protect you?

RCB Bank issues EMV chip cards, making it more difficult for fraudsters to counterfeit your debit card. When possible insert your card to complete your transaction.

Some merchants do not have EMV chip terminals and require you to swipe or slide your card. Be more alert when using these types of terminals with the tips below.

RCB Bank uses systems to monitor unusual card activity and will reach out if we see something suspicious. Note: We will never ask you for your PIN number. 

RCB Bank’s ATMs have been upgraded to EMV chip terminals, which provide an additional level of security.

How can you help protect yourself?

  • Before using your card at an ATM, inspect it to see if anything on the card insert looks suspicious.
  • Be aware and report the transaction if it initially errors but then suddenly goes through.
  • Be alert if the insert or swipe of  your card is not smooth.
  • Avoid standalone cash machines in dimly lit areas.
  • When possible use ATMs physically installed at a bank.
  • Cover the PIN pad with your hand when entering your information.

RCB Bank is dedicated to protecting your financial information. When we work together, we can prevent, identify and resolve fraud faster.

If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact our fraud department immediately at 877.361.0814.

Learn more ways to stay alert for fraud in our Learning Center and Security Center.