RCB Bank - Beware of Jugging

Have you heard of jugging?

You probably know what it is, but may not have heard the term by which it goes.

Simply put, jugging is theft. The jugglers can work in teams or work alone. They identify a potential victim withdrawing money from an ATM, or watch for people coming out of a bank with bank bags or cash envelopes. The jugglers will then follow the victim – sometimes to multiple locations – to look for the right time and place to steal the money.

Jugging cases have risen recently, according to law enforcement officials.

Use these tips to avoid becoming a victim of jugging:

  • Be on the lookout for individuals backed into parking spaces who do not exit their vehicle to conduct business.
  • If you’re in the bank and you feel like someone is watching you, advise the bank’s employees so they can contact authorities or assist you in getting to your vehicle.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be distracted. This will make you look like an easy target.
  • Be vigilant when using ATMs, as jugglers typically target individuals using ATMs. Also, exercise caution when leaving the ATM or bank.
  • Be vigilant when arriving and departing. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t leave your car or the building if you observe suspicious vehicles parked in or around the parking lot.
  • Conceal your money before you leave the bank.
  • Don’t openly carry bank bags, envelopes or coin boxes.
  • Watch for people following you.
  • Don’t leave a bank bag (hidden or not) in your car unattended.
  • Make banking the last stop of your errands.

If you believe you’re being followed after leaving a bank or an ATM, call 911 and drive to a public area or, better yet, a police station.

Opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the author and meant for generic illustration purposes only. RCB Bank, Member FDIC.